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Why Freedom Clean?

Freedom is an important word- for us and for you.
Freedom to us means owning a small business. Freedom in business, in family life, in finances, in growing something bigger than ourselves.
Freedom to you means more time and less stress. By delegating your household chores to us, you gain more freedom to enjoy the things you love.
Freedom Clean exists on a foundation of freedom -

for both our business and our customers. 

Our top priority is your satisfaction. We place a high value on reliable, professional and quality service that meets your needs. 

Our Story

Hi, we are Kyle and Brittany Hart, owners and founders of Freedom Clean LLC.

Freedom Clean was born from an idea we had that would solve two problems. One of those being that we could not find a operational laundry delivery service in Clarksville, TN. We knew there was a need for that in our awesome city. Also, we had a need to support our family. We were a freshly married couple, with 5 children, starting a new life together. Our options were limited to what we could do to financially support our large family. We started this business in February of 2020, at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, with nothing but hopes and dreams. We had an idea of what we wanted our business to look like and we ran with it…putting our customers needs over our own; providing quality service at a fair price. We quickly added cleaning services to our laundry service and Freedom Clean has come a long way since opening up! We are a family ran business and you may see our children, our unofficial "mascots," working with us from time to time. We are teaching them by example what it is to work for your own dream, and create a business that supports your family while providing a quality service to others. High-quality work sells itself and that’s the reason our business has grown into what it is. We hold quality as the most important business ethic. Through our business, we give busy people the freedom to do the important things in their life, without worrying about the time consuming chores of cleaning and laundry. We love the freedom our business provides the amazing people of our city, from busy mothers, to business owners and politicians. 

We love our customers and we look forward to continuing to serve Clarksville!

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Meet The Team

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